A-10 is Thunder

Tuesday, May 16th
Rausch Gap Shelter (1176)

A good day, mildly hot. 

Two days ago was hearing thunder but the sky was totally clear. Couldn't figure it out. Solved the mystery today as two A-10  Warthogs circled around and eventually did test firing at a range a few miles away. Very loud, even from a distance. 

Sorry Mom (Arline), first snake of the season

Lunch at a random spot. Saw one day hiker, and the Australian hikers. Otherwise, no one. The big thru hiker bubble is weeks behind. 

Made the shelter around 4 PM, taking time today. With power low on phone, don't listen to audiobook or music. Do get text from Deb when I check that package is on its way. 

Shelter is nice, still here alone at 7:30. Unusual in that it has spring fed spout right next to it, so no walking around to get water. Another small fire for Mr. Bear.

Water from spring right next to shelter

Ipad Mini for blogging, fire for Mr. Bear


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