By the Numbers, 2017

My plan this year was to finish Pennsylvania, do New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, about 390 miles total. If that went well, and felt up to it, would take a week off and get back on trail in North Adams, MA (end of 2015) and attempt to finish trail this year.

Miles hiked on the AT this time: 346
Total miles hiked on the AT in four sections: 1,552
Weight lost, temporarily, in pounds: 20
Bears seen: 0
Cattle who blocked Trail: 0
Cattle seen near Trail: 45+
Snakes who blocked Trail: 0
Snakes seen near Trail: 2
Deer who blocked Trail: 2
Deer seen near Trail: 10+

After getting home, although I knew it before I got here, decided the hike this year was enough and everything else - if I get to it - is for another day.


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