Can never have enough coolers

Friday, May 26th
Kirkridge Shelter, PA (1287)

Get a ride to Wind Gap, cutting out 20 miles of hiking to perhaps make it possible to join family on an unanticipated New Orleans trip. 

Breakfast picture includes Shivers (pink shirt), Shivers Dad (yellow shirt), Pink (grey hat), Quill (pink hat), Wonder Woman (blue hat), Medicine Man (blue shirt, center), Traffic Director (standing, red cup), Paul Bunion (far right)

From back of hostel to Superfund site mountain where they are still trying to get trees to grow
Cool day, some sun, makes for pleasant hiking conditions. 

Yes, rocks.
Meet trail runner Master Splinter. Trail runners are ATC staff who act as stewards for the trail. Advise hikers, help in emergencies, try to clean up after litterers, explain best practices. 

At the shelter, meet an as yet unnamed SOBO hiker who started his hike in the next town (actually think he needs to flip flop). Also three friends who brought up a pretty complete cook set and fresh eggs among other things, and flip flopper Freebird. 

Hikers making corn bread in a cast iron pan (not the big cast iron pan)

Annnnnd, a bunch of day hikers who bring four coolers, whole bottles of alcohol, a 12" cast iron frying pan, among other things. One of them ends up going down the hill a few miles to help speed the process a couple times. They eventually get everything brought up, then went down the hill to a campsite. 

Some of the coolers

Yes, that's a 12" cast iron pan and some kind of apocalypse-ready knife-sword


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