Deli Camping

Thursday, June 8th
Tony's Deli on Rt 22 (1449)

Up at 5, out at 6

Working toward shelter 17 miles away. Can see finish line (around mile 1500), realizing I'm starting to get antsy and want to go home.

Generally, trail is less difficult and able to make good time.

Trail boss's joke?
You cross a fair number of train tracks on the Trail.

I am low on gas for cook stove and in five miles there's a deli a half mile off trail. Call and ask if they have any, and they have one but it's large (16 ounces). My bag is pretty light, so agree to go up and check it out. Arrive, and the gas container looks to be about 10 years old, not sure it will fit on my stove, and feels about a quarter empty. I pass.

Do buy a Italian sub and a Pepsi for lunch, plus a couple more trail bars as food alternative in the event can't find fuel.

Back on trail 40 minutes after I got off.

Day is sunny and warm, but not hot.

Cross over Taconic State Parkway. Cross many roads today.

Reach destination shelter, Telephone Pioneers (1446), at 4 PM but am only one here. Pauling NY can be reached from trailhead 0.6 miles away, although once at trailhead town is another 2.5 miles from there. Decide to hike down to investigate.

Arrive, check maps and find the camp area that's offered by town is half mile from Center. Not sure how I'd get to town center and back and decide to go to next trailhead 2.5 miles away. Rumor is there's a deli with gas for stove near there.

Another nice boardwalk
One is a southbound, the other a northbound, chair.

As I am feeling frustrated, finish 2.5 miles in about an hour (fast for me). Deli is another half mile away and they are offering camp sites. Since next shelter is 7 miles away, and I'm tired, figure I'll go with that. 

Get to deli, but no gas,. Camping is just $2 next to a busy state road on one side, and railroad track on other. I don't care. Camping is in an area that has a generation of yard furniture and children's outdoor things scattered about. I still don't care. I'll take a sleep aid, toss in my ear plugs, and sleep fine. I hope.

Dinner is a roast beef sandwich and a gallon of water. Well, gallon is primarily to replenish my supply.

Hoping to get in 17 miles in tomorrow. Would like to be done with this hike.


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