Friday, May 19th
501 Shelter (1194)

On trail at 8:40 by Joyce. It is supposed to be another hot day, and am considering going to the next shelter to avoid the heat and give blistered foot more time to heal.  

It is humid, hot, and stony, so make shelter, unroll mattress and snooze. Because the shelter is close to Rt 501, and suffered from partiers, the ATC has a seasonal caretaker, "Borderline" who introduces himself. This shelter is limited to distance hikers only, so to be sure I am one he asks qualifying questions, tells me where the water is, and leaves me alone. 

The 501 Shelter with its octagonal plastic sky light 

A younger couple arrives, sets up a tent and crashes. "Joker", a newly retired engineer from Cherry Hill, NJ comes in at 3. He's been on trail for two months and has taken only one day off (snow in Georgia). 

Caretaker returns and provides the evening briefing. Basically, this area is for backpackers only. If anyone els arrives who evens whiffs of a problem (e.g. wearing too much Cotten, carrying only beer) knock on his door. Conversely if he's asking for help, we should give it. 

Joker says he has some Boy Scouts coming in, check the weather and seeing no rain forecast, go out a setup tent. Younger couple moves in to shelter because they say rain is coming. Double check weather, no rain. Joker says the same thing. 

We order food from a pizza place that delivers, Joker - pizza, me a steak and mushroom sub. Tuck into tent at 7:30.

The rain begins around 11 PM.


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