Hope this bridge is strong

Sunday, May 21st
Windsor Furnace Shelter (1223)

Goal today is to get past Port Clinton PA (1218) as it is reputed to have a steep stone path going into it, and with rain expected tonight and tomorrow, think its safer to go today to avoid slippery stones tomorrow.

Hike to Port Clinton is pretty similar to previous days, and arrive at 11:30. The descent was quite steep and rocky. There are amenities in Hamburg, PA some three miles distant, but nothing here. Hike a mile further to have lunch undertaken an Interstate bridge. A scout group goes by, as does Kona, who says Mini is done so he's continuing on his own. 

Continue hike and it's like Duncannon, steep and rocky. Except here do about 500 vertical feet, get a little break than another 500. Ups and down with rocks is pretty much the story of the afternoon until about a mile from the shelter, the path becomes smooth. 

This is common. Entering a state park recreational area, the nasty old rocky AT gets smoothed out nice and fine. Not that I object. 

Thought shelter would be full with rain coming, but just four of us here (unless we get late arrivals). Two are a young couple that I've seen since Port Clinton, and though I've said hi a couple times, they've not said anything back.


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