Medicine Man

Thursday, May 25th
Palmerton, PA

Rainy day as expected, some hikers go off for short slack pack hike. 

Feet repair under way. Got a large blister on back of right heal, and another on small toe of same foot, that just haven't healed right. Hoping rest will help.

Go to post office to mail items back to Deb, it's raining. Bert's owners husband, who drove slack packers sees me and offers a ride back. Accepted!

Back to hostel for a while then a food resupply run and lunch. Return to have Shivers introducing me to Don, a trail angel that gave them a ride and is offering a trunk full of hiker food. Quill and Wonder Woman have arrived and are similarly introduced. I don't need food, but those mini packs of cheddar cheese sure look useful. Take one. 

Afternoon, work on blog, but can't post pictures. Write up posts and will worry about later. 

Dinner at pub again, spinach salad with grilled salmon. 

Long conversation with Medicine Man, keeps introducing himself then saying he's a "retired pharmacist". He never quite says exactly what he did, but developed drugs for companies like Pfizer, traveled the world in support of his work. Started Trail on Feb 10.


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