Dixie and Laken

Monday, May 22nd
Allentown Hiking Club Shelter (1240)

Morning is overcast and menacing, but no rain. Down hill is "Pink", hiker I met after Duncannon I was sure wouldn't make it more than a day or two more, but here she is. Chat for a bit before topping off water and starting to pack up. Pink comes to shelter, who talk to young couple who have seemed shy, and turn out to be two undergrads from Johns Hopkins. They say the school rents equipment to students. 

Get on trail, and overcast skies open up to a steady drizzle which continues for an hour. Begin to have my first hiker food craving, for a hot dog. 

Around noon make it to one possible place to overnight, the Eckville Shelter. It is effectively a large converted shed adjoining a caretakers house. Laken is here with her dog, Dixie, and not soon after the Hopkins couple arrive. Eat lunch and try to decide on staying or moving on to the next shelter 7.5 miles away. Choose to move on, as does Laken.

Work way up 700 vertical feet as rain begins. Dan's Pulpit is another view socked in by weather, so move past. 

So many views are this way. Sigh.
Arrive at shelter, and three others are already here including "Sticks", a psychiatrist from New Jersey doing Pennsylvania and a fast-talking Russian woman on a three-day trial hike. Laken arrives, lets Dixie loose, and she loves seeing all the hikers, and they her. One hiker (forget name) throws stick but Dixie is easily fooled, dashing full speed in the wrong direction more than once, to much laughter. 

Everyone in Shelter for rain, but none comes. I'm in sleeping bag earlier than the younger hikers, and they talk amongst themselves. The Russian woman speaks faster than any of them... phew!


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