No room at the inn, well, wait a minute...

Thursday, May 18th
Pine Grove PA @ Rt 645 (1192)

Get up and head to Rt 645. Mini and Kona were talking about joining in the shuttle to Pine Grove last night, but changed their minds. Their goal shifted to the next shelter ahead, and use a hiker at the camp for a ride. 

Do the two miles in 50 minutes, calling the shuttle driver when almost there to confirm. It's the wife who answers saying her husband was off golfing and hadn't written anything down. Mimi and Kona show up 10 minutes later, debate the pros and cons in joining in my shuttle, and choose to. We are in Pine Grove at the EconoLodge but the motel staff are saying they don't have housekeeping and no rooms available until 3 PM. It's 8:30. Drop off bag and we move up to the truck stop (close) where we can get a shower and do a load of laundry.

Call the shuttle again, and Joyce is there shortly. Leave Mini and Kona and go for light resupply and to the Post Office to get the package Deb sent. I return to motel and decide to play the Wait Game; sit in the lobby until the staff take pity on my drooping figure and provide a room. 45 minutes later, and I'm in. 

Immediately fall asleep for a couple hours, and I don't see Mini and Kona again although they are in the same motel.

Rest of the day is getting blog updated, eating, and dozing. 


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