Put out to pasture

Friday, June 9th
Mt. Algos Shelter (1467)

Trains came through sporadically last night, but sounded "small", like a locomotive and one or two cars.

Traffic on state road was busy but seemed to die out around midnight.

So overall, sleep was okay.

Wake up to wet tent but don't remember hearing rain? Turns out to be condensation. Tent is soaked.

Walk back to AT, on trail 6:40. Nice pastures to start the day; a sunny day.

Entry to trail from state road.

Cresting ridge line
Pastures are my favorite. 

Rocks have been biggest obstacle in last few weeks, but now it's mud. Most low lying areas have it, sometimes for 100s of feet. Luckily, continue to run in to areas that have boardwalks to get over swampy areas. 

Make first Shelter (Wiley Shelter) at 9:45. Has a nice hand pump for water.

Make CT border at 10:25 and give out an unexpected "whoop!" because I'd semi-forgot about it. Take a reasonable selfie.

Trail today is generally good until last five miles. Warmer, steep and rocky ups and downs. Find myself low on energy. Run into some day hikers and chat while going up one hill. Meet again on flat part higher up and they offer chocolate and trail bars. Timely!

Make shelter just before 6. Tired, long hiking day.

34 miles to go figure so hoping can get 30 miles done in next two days for an easy 4 on Monday. Talk to Dad to provide update.

Yes, its nice, but as a distance hiker tend to get jaded. Some days can see multiple versions of similar view.


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