Rain dance

Saturday, May 20th
Eagles Nest Shelter (1209)

It's still raining in the morning. Tent is dry, the fly isn't and, by the time they are packed, the tent is soaked. 

Which leads to a grumpy start of my day. Its raining, and my tent is wet. Then I take a wrong turn which creates extra walking to finally find the Trail. Grumpy talk to myself.

Then start the playlist on my phone with all the music suggested by friends and family before starting the hike, untouched so far. 

Which leads to smiles, in rhythm steps, changing  to modest dance steps, water flipping off the rain jacket and mud splashing off of boots. 

Whew, today is going to be okay. 

Initially set sights on a location 6.5 mikes away, but it's only a site which used to have a shelter but no longer. So much for sitting out the rain there. 

See the frog? Or is it a toad?
So think about a hostel a few miles further, but nix that in favor of going to Eagles Nest Shelter. Rain gradually tapers off. Other than a fair number of rocks, make reasonable time and am at shelter at 4 PM.

Lots of hikers here, including a scout troop, day, section, and thru hikers - 20 or more in all.


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