Sunrise Mountain, not

Tuesday, May 30th
High Point Shelter (1338)

Light rain at night

Shooting for shelter 13 miles away, and there are two shelters in between if rains start again. Everyone is packing up, Negotiator says he's staying but doesn't look happy about it.

Pavilion at the top of Sunrise Mountain

Drizzles on and off, but no bad rain. There are multiple viewpoints today but due to overcast all are socked in. 

Trail as before.

Stop at State Park office, free Pepsi to hikers, many hikers from last night here resting in relative warmth with wifi and power. 

Make shelter, five here, average age 65, plus a large, one year old, Airedale.  High school Outdoors group from Cincinnati camped opposite of small stream. Leader says they came here because they had already hiked all area trails nearby, and the students wanted to do the New Jersey section. 

Chill is in the air, again.

Negotiator here, hiked anyway despite injury. Didn't want to sit in Shelter alone. 

Negotiator (center left)


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