Then the boots failed

Monday, May 29th, Memorial Day 
Green Anderson Shelter (1325)

Rains overnight without thunderstorms, and weather reports are mixed between heavy rain and drizzles. Rain stops, so hope it is only drizzles today, and set out.

Although perfectly sure going in right direction, go wrong way 0.4 miles. Return and start over. Sigh.

Rains starts and it's moderately heavy. 

See the hiker?

Hike to road where there should be a camp store, since I'm running low on food. Can't find camp store but do find a bait shop. Buy Pepsi and M&Ms, plus replacement sunglasses (lost a week or more ago), and sit on ice freezer while watching rain. 

Leave shop and rain comes down harder, and decide to shoot for next shelter 3 miles away to get out of rain.

Water is not draining off the trail, leaving long stretches with just - a trail of water. Try to walks on edges to avoid as best I can, but doesn't really work. Water proofing fails on boots, and all clothing is soaked through. Each step is a slosh.

Rain water is between 1/2" and 1" in many places
Make shelter, Negotiator is only one here, and he has injured a hip from a fall. Family is calling to see if he wants to get off trail. 

Change into clothes in backpack that have remained dry. Hang up wet clothes but not confident they will dry much. 

Eat lunch, and then bundle up in sleeping bag to stay warm, as does Negotiator. It's quite chilly and rain continues. Other hikers arrive (McFlurry and Sequoia among others and Texas couple from 501 Shelter). Shelter fills up slowly though, couples set up tent versus coming in shelter. 

Later meet Ace and GoFar. Doc arrives, warns of bear at shelter in NY which I mark in guide. 

All relay stories about their various slippery rocks or falls on the trail today. 

Shelter is totally quiet at sunset, everyone is in sleeping bags trying to recover.  


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