Deli-Gas Station

Tuesday, June 6th
Stealth camp (1416)

Douglas give ride at 7:30, at bridge and on Trail at 7:45.

Cross Bear Mountain bridge, a bridge from my childhood used as one potential route we had from home (Pittsfield, MA) to my dad's parent's place in Brant Beach, NJ. Got some pictures from bridge, and of sign describing what was involved in building it.

At end, trail bears left for some distance, then up hill to become "trail" again. Its steep, which is not unexpected given had been at lowest part of the AT.

Trail is relatively straight forward; yes, there are inclines but they are "normal" not rock walls.

Around 10:30 run into two hikers coming south that stop, and ask if I'd heard about the deli. Deli? They are very excited, yes a deli, about an hour away. Big smiles, they had omelettes.

So 35 minutes later come out of the woods and there it is. A gas station deli. Stop in, get a poorly built reuben sandwich but glad for food, soda, and as always, resupply.

Deli-gas station
Always look at grass like this and wonder, ticks?

Rain begins moderately for an hour, and so modestly wet again. As per usual, makes going slower so to avoid falling.

Taking a break after another round of rain.
Choose to stealth camp since shelter is another 13 miles away. Haven't seen many hikers today and no one else joins. Decide to sleep with food in tent but take precaution to wrap it up with rain coat, smelly shirt, etc. Not concerned with bears only raccoons, opossums, skunks.

Light drizzle begins as I drift off.


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