Knife's Edge

Tuesday, May 23rd
Bake Oven Shelter (1250)

Slow start this morning. Wake up at 6:15 but everyone is sleeping. Pretty uncharacteristic of distance hikers, but sleeping bag is warm and doze off. Up at 7 with others, and first on trail at 8. 

Thinking about where to get off trail again. Didn't get a great resupply in Pine Grove, and blisters on right foot (heel, little toe) are trying to heal but bandages keep falling off, leaving them dirty and mildly infected. Would like to get one full day off (a zero).

Today, going over Knife's Edge, and go over many more rocks en-route. 

Thrower-of-sticks and Sticks
Arrive, and Sticks plus the thrower-of-sticks for Dixie are there. The Edge is a boiling up of big to huge rocks that form a ridge line for about 1/10th of a mile. We talk for a bit, thrower is leaving the trail and hands over parts of his food bag to us. He may get back on trail after going to a wedding he's in, so may see again further north. 

They move on, and for one of the few times I've done so, I collapse and stow my hiking poles. Want to keep hands free for this. 

Rationally, can look down either side and most places you would fall too far. Other spots not sure how you'd stop. Take time, stepping between stones and others navigating by hand. Stop for a bit near the end to let another couple make their way up. 

Lots more rocks to traverse as day continues. 

Arrive at shelter around 2 PM. Wonder Woman arrives, from Idaho. Her husband hiked with her the first 10 days and returned home. Quill arrives soon after. They're hiking together after meeting on trail. Laken and Dixie come, and eventually move on to next shelter. Three retired hiking buddies arrive, including Nitro, who got his name after a "fight with my alcohol stove" that has left his legs heavily scabbed. 
Decide to leave Shelter to other hikers, and set up tent up the hill. Three friends set up there as well. We chat for a bit, but all seem tired after a rocky day. Camp is quiet at 8.


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