Wednesday, June 7th
RPH Shelter (1429)

On trail at 6:45. Day starts cool and overcast, an am wearing fleece. Walk for a while and become warmer, so takeoff fleece. Becomes too cool, so put back on. Back and forth all morning.

Helpful direction
Find makeshift shrine to someone's lost friend. Find myself standing in silence for a few moments wondering who it was, and why the memorial here? Continue hike.

Decide to check with fraternity brother, friend, and sometimes-hiker Barry to see if he'd like to meet up in Connecticut for a hike. Can't make it, he'll be with his scout troop this weekend.

At 10:30 run into 1/2 mile section where it looks like CCC filled in section dips to provide for a long smooth trail. No signage explaining.
If not the CCC, who would have the time and energy to build these?
Other area have long section of stone stairs, some recently put in

Make RPH shelter, where I'm staying tonight, at 2:30. Read in shelter journal that Trail Director was here last night. Apparently took a nasty spill on slippery rock and needed urgent care, and ended up with eight stitches on his head.

With two other hikers order dinner (veal parmesan sub) from a pizza place that delivers.

Lots of hikers coming through here this afternoon, seems like they are all 20 somethings. They stay for a bit, get some water, then push on.

A volunteer caretaker stops in. Says he tries to stop in every night on his way home from work. Says they are having a volunteer event there in a couple weekends in which they expect between 70-100 people total to help do trail maintenance.

Other hikers arrive, a couple closer to my age, and by sunset there are 10 or so here for the night. They do their best to keep the pizza delivery guy busy.

RPH Shelter from side lawn, my tent is to the right


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