Big Aire

Wednesday, May 31st
Pochuck Mountain Shelter (1350)

Light rain transitions to drizzle then none. Hike into the town of Uniondale, lunch at 10:30 is a veal parmesan sub.

Negotiator comes in, getting off trail for a couple days, son is coming. Looking for a beer since he's now off trail. 

Go to grocery store but it's mostly snacks, down to a day and a half food so buy some to tide over. 

Leave town, sun is out warmer

See turkey vultures again, but this time on and around carcass of doe. Fly off as I approach, glaring from barn roof.

Walk around marsh for 1.5 miles then up steep trail, get water at abandoned house (legitimate source), and soon at shelter all alone. Hang up all wet stuff

Panorama of the marsh. Looks man-made (rectangular).
Leave marsh area (sat for a bit on bench), then boardwalk over more wet parts.

Traffic Director arrives (last seen in Palmerton)
Looking for a way to do a re-supply, and find a motel in the town of Vernon, NJ that apparently offer rides from trail head, and is near a real supermarket. Call but owners are out, will call again in the morning.


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