Its not going anywhere

Kelly Stand Road (1634.3)

Set alarm for 5 AM to be able to pack and get on Trail before the bugs wake up. On trail at 5:30.

Realize after a mile or so that this hike needs to come to an end. Although I'm physically fine, am finding the trail conditions tied with the lack of much-to-do-but-walk is not fun. Start planning for an exit, with the hopes of finding a shuttle driver (or an Uber?) to get off trail and into Manchester Center. From there, can get overnight accommodations and a bus to Worcester.

Stop at first dirt road I find, hoping to hitch hike, or at least confirm the direction to get off trail. A few motorcycles go by, one stopping to confirm the right direction, but no cars do so decide to continue a popular trail head for day hikers.

Make it there, Kelly Stand Road trail head. Talk to a few hikers with cars but they are either just starting, or have no room (liar, has a huge SUV). Any way, plop down, check for an Uber or Lyft (they price the ride, but no drivers in the area). Only shuttle driver and taxi company get no answer. Decide to call Deb with an update.

She offers to come up and pick me up! Really? It feels like it will be a four-plus hour drive, but its a bit over two, so she's on her way.

Dealing with another avalanche of bugs, put up my tent and hide while listening to a book until she arrives.

The ride home includes a stop for a burger and chocolate shake.

We talk about the hike, and agree it was probably too soon to go out after Spain. Got home from Spain, and immediately began planning the Vermont section. I was, as Deb summarized, "physically prepared but not psychologically".

As I've learned so far, the AT isn't going any where, so I can just save it for another day.